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More than a Sales Tool: How Rebrands Strengthen Teams

By Allison Wyatt and Christina Greenberg

Allison and Christina are the Co-Founders and Managing Partners of Edgility, a talent consulting firm empowering social impact organizations to put equity into action as they hire, compensate, and grow their teams.

When Edgility first engaged Friday to rebrand our organization, our focus was almost exclusively on supporting sales. As a growing company, it was critical for us to shift our external perception from a provider of executive search services for education organizations to a full service talent consultancy for equity-minded social impact organizations. And the rebrand did just that: by developing a modern, vibrant visual identity and positioning Edgility as the talent consulting firm for organizations looking to act on equity, we’ve been able to successfully win larger contracts and expand into new sectors


The benefits of the rebrand haven’t been limited just to sales, however. We’ve seen improved staff retention, greater camaraderie amongst our remote team, and more excitement in our day to day work. While surprising to us, Friday had seen similar results before. Debriefing together, we uncovered four common benefits of a rebrand that strengthen internal teams. 


A Distilled Vision

Edgility has always believed in the power of equitable talent practices to strengthen communities and change inequitable systems–and we’ve attracted team members eager to be a part of that work. Until the rebrand, we all described that vision differently based on individual passions and experiences. And we struggled to convey it succinctly in a way that connected clearly with our services. Working with Friday, we were able to distill our vision into a series of memorable statements that our team has rallied around. Now, we are all aligned on why we’re here and how our work is making a difference


Opportunities for Synergy

At the start of the rebrand process, our organization was broken up into two teams—the executive search team and the compensation consulting team—working primarily in isolation. We were also experimenting with adding new talent management services and recognized the opportunity to cultivate repeat clients by engaging them in multiple services. With Friday’s support, we defined three distinct service areas, articulated how they worked together to deliver on our value proposition, and identified a tangible approach we aspired to make consistent across all teams. In doing so, we created a greater sense of shared purpose across teams, setting them up to learn from one another and keep an eye out for opportunities to better integrate our work.


Confident Brand Ambassadors

As is common in many organizations, confidence in telling our story and pitching our services largely rested with those responsible for proactive sales. The conversations our team engaged in throughout the rebrand process, and the resulting brand guides and pitch decks, spread this confidence throughout our organization. Now, every team member is equipped to be an ambassador of the Edgility brand.


Workplace Pride

While we knew it was time to update our logo, we weren’t prepared for how much our new visual identity would excite our team. The design system created by Friday elevated our appearance to match the dynamism, professionalism, and vibrancy of our team and their system-changing work. By crafting a story behind the designs that aligns with our vision, we created a powerful association between our logo and our reason for being. Now, our team is eager to wear Edgility swag wherever they go, because it represents a purpose they are proud to be a part of. 


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