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An 8-Week Process to Help K-12 Schools Move from Crisis Management to Strategic Planning

Everything in the K-12 world is changing. We'll help you go from reacting to moving forward with confidence.

As K-12 schools move from closing their doors to reshaping their day-to-day operations, leaders recognize the need to respond, adapt, and reinvent their schools to serve their students. But that process can feel overwhelming. So we created FORWARD—an 8-week strategic planning series to help you address critical questions one at a time—for instance: How will we transition students back into a daily school routine that’s likely to be dramatically different? How will teachers make up for lost learning? How will we plan for 2021 and beyond knowing budget cuts are inevitable?

FORWARD launched this summer with a cohort of 15 school leaders from California. Given the program’s success—and given that the pandemic isn’t over—we’re launching a second wave of cohorts to begin this winter.

Over two months, we’ll guide your team through a step-by-step process led by experts in strategy, innovation, leadership, and storytelling. And you’ll be surrounded by a cohort of peers facing the very same challenges—giving you an opportunity to share ideas, gather feedback, and check in long after those 8 weeks are over.

The connection between short-term planning and long-term planning is now clear in my mind—and becoming more clear in our strategic plan. Now, when I think about re-opening our school, I have a much better sense of both the forest and the trees.

– STACY EMORY, Executive Director, San Carlos Charter Learning Center

We'll ask four critical questions.

And your answers will generate a strategic plan that connects short-term decisions to long-term vision.

Q1: What opportunities 
and challenges do we face?

Weeks 1-3: Develop a clear picture of our new reality and the most pressing challenges and risks to our model and the communities we serve

Q2: How will we adapt?

Weeks 4-5: Sharpen your focus on critical school model and operational shifts and opportunities for innovation

Q3: What’s our plan for making it happen? 

Weeks 6-7: Map a realistic and financially viable short-term action plan; brainstorm near-term opportunities and long-term vision

Q4: How will we communicate effectively? 

Week 8: Develop your message and communicate key shifts to your students and families, and staff and partners

What you'll experience.

Take a look at FORWARD's essential elements.

A Complete Framework

Step-by-step process to systematically address the complexity of the moment and organize your team’s response

All the Tools You Need

Access to tools, templates, and resources to create your own strategic plan
 and adapt it in the future 

Guest Speakers

Expert insights from leading advisors in the areas of operations, finance, legal, and school performance


Condensed, actionable guidance with hands-on support along the way

Peer Feedback

New ideas, inspiration, feedback and validation from fellow school leaders facing similar challenges

student at desk

Your takeaways will vary depending on the specific challenges you’re facing, but we’re prepared to help you discuss issues including…

  • Innovation in school model design
  • Projected learning loss,  instructional shifts, and new benchmarking
  • Student wellbeing
  • Budgeting and financial planning
  • Staff restructuring
  • Family, staff, and community leader engagement strategies

Cost-conscious pricing.

We believe strategic planning support should be accessible to everyone—especially school leaders working tirelessly to prepare our future generation. And we know that the current economic climate means every dollar counts. So we’ve created a cost-conscious, high-value model, combining cohort collaboration, individual feedback, and the opportunity to learn from experts. Contact us for pricing details.

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