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Edgility case study brand strategy and identity
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The Challenge
Traditional “best practices” of talent recruitment and development are inherently inequitable and ultimately not designed to attract a diverse pool of candidates. As a talent consulting firm for social impact firms, Edgility Consulting is determined to be a search firm that is deeply dedicated to equity and social change. Edgility Consulting’s approach to helping organizations find and select exceptional staff and leaders is unique and extremely effective. They also support clients in retaining talent by working with them to design and implement transparent, equitable compensation programs that eliminate opportunity and salary gaps. While the Edgility team’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion and passion for systemic change of biased talent processes was evident in their work, it was not strongly reflected in their website, often the first thing prospective clients see, and other brand assets.



The Solution
Friday partnered with Edgility to refresh their brand language and visual identity. We conducted multiple workshops focused on clearly defining Edgility’s mission-driven method, articulating their value proposition, and distinguishing their talent and compensation services from those of competitor consulting firms. We developed website content, aligned with the new brand language, that highlighted distinct advantages of working with the Edgility team, including their deep network in the education and social change sectors and their staff expertise gained from firsthand experience as former recruiters, internal talent professionals, and organizational leaders. Friday also created a new visual style for Edgility that better reflected the organization’s personality attributes of confidence and approachability through the use of clean shapes and lines and a brighter color palette.