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New Brand & Communications Sprints for Charter Schools

Families and educators are focused on finding the right fit. EdTec and Friday are teaming up to help them find (and choose!) you.

Charter school leaders are visionary educators with hearts of gold. Their time is often spent breaking away from convention to provide new opportunities for students, support teachers and staff, and build trusting relationships with families. That’s the core of their work, but it’s far from the whole story. 


Because charter schools don’t have a district central office to provide business and operations support, everything they do – from working hard to fulfill the school’s mission and vision to daily operations, budget management, and accountability requirements – happens at the school site. Given the many directions they’re pulled in, charter school leaders have difficulties finding time to promote all the great things happening at their school and expand their reach in the community in a consistent, strategic way.


That’s where Friday and EdTec come in: we help charter schools quickly and thoughtfully share their incredible value with students, families, and educators. 


Since 2001, EdTec has supported charter schools with charter school application development, back office, school data and compliance, grant writing, school software, consulting, and more. And we (Friday) have partnered with educational organizations to develop authentic brands that resonate with their audiences and drive real results, including increased applications, a more diverse student body, and an enduring strategic approach. Together, our teams bring over 25 years of experience helping charter schools focus on what they do best and grow their impact.


Our unique partnership introduces three distinctive six-week sprints, each tailored to address school-specific branding and communication needs: 

  •   Brand Sprints focused on defining foundational messaging and visual identities 
  •   Communications Sprints leveraging existing branding to refine and enhance recruitment, enrollment, and outreach 
  •   Campaign Sprints producing immediately actionable communications or marketing campaigns supporting a specific goal


Charter schools expand what’s possible for their students and communities. Our partnership with EdTec exists to expand what’s possible for these schools. To learn more about EdTec + Friday’s joint services, check out our partnership page and connect with us to get started.


Find a sprint that works for you