Employee & Friends of Friday
Referral Program

Program Summary

This program has been designed to encourage referrals for current open positions by both Friday employees and non-employees. Our goal is to attract the highest quality candidates to support Friday’s work with organizations who are changing the way we learn, increasing social mobility, and strengthening our communities. Employees are eligible for a $1,000 cash referral bonus, and non-employees are eligible for a $500 cash referral bonus. The individual making the referral must apply online, and the hired referred candidate must be employed by Friday within 6 months of referral, for at least 90 days.


Participant Eligibility

  • Friday employees or non-employees may refer candidates. Company Officers, HR directors and direct managers are not eligible to participate.
  • This is an ongoing program, but Friday may change the program at any time.
  • If one candidate is referred more than once, the first individual who made the referral will receive the incentive.


Candidate Eligibility

  • Must begin employment within 6 months of referral.
  • Must interview for and accept an offer of full-time regular employment.
  • Cannot be a current or previous Friday employee.
  • Individuals who have applied directly for employment with Friday during the past 6 months are not eligible.


How to Submit a Referral

  • Individuals submitting referrals should complete the Referral Program Form.
  • Complete all of the required steps as directed on the website. Your full name and email are required to complete our application for the candidate. We will use your email to contact you regarding your referral.
  • When your referral applies online and Friday determines the referral meets the eligibility requirements, we will notify you.


How You Receive the Referral Bonus

  • Friday employees will receive the referral via direct deposit.
    Non-Friday employees will be contacted via email regarding payment process (check or direct deposit).
  • All referral bonus payments over $600 will be reported for tax purposes. Each individual will be required to complete applicable tax forms before receiving the incentive.
  • Non-Friday recipients of incentive awards over $600 will receive a 1099 form for Federal Income Tax purposes.


Last Updated: March 4, 2022