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An 8-Week Strategic Planning Process for Nonprofits + Mission-Driven Businesses

Everything is changing. We're here to help you respond.

Your mission was already difficult. And it just got Herculean. Five-year-plans have given way to five-week plans—and the idea of any plan seems futile. But you’ve got to start somewhere. Because, in the end, your organization’s success depends on your ability to adapt and even capitalize on the changes that are already occurring.

FORWARD’s strategic-planning process provides a formal structure to help you generate more ideas and judge those ideas more objectively. And with the opportunity to join a handful of folks sorting through the exact same challenges, you’ll never be alone.

We helped a credit union expand into new territory, showed an environmental organization how to sift through competing priorities, and helped a kids literacy program simplify its messaging—and we can help you, too. Meet our team.

We’ll ask four critical questions.

And your answers will generate a strategic plan.

Q1: What opportunities and challenges do we face?

Clear Problem Statement
Gain clarity by narrowing your focus on what’s most important.

Q2: What will we do differently?

Opportunities for Innovation
Develop new solutions—with input from experts and peers.

Q3: What’s our plan for making it happen?

Strategic Priorities
Translate ideas into timelines and action steps.

Q4: How will we communicate effectively?

Communications Plan
Develop your message and communicate any shifts to key audiences.

Take it one week at a time.

From identifying opportunities to planning a communications strategy.

Learn alongside your peers.

We’ve designed FORWARD to be a cohort of organizations working alongside each other to develop a plan for the future. So you can learn from other organizations and get valuable feedback on your work. We believe FORWARD works best with small teams of 3-4 employees from…

  • Nonprofits
  • Community-based organizations
  • Mission-driven businesses
  • Community foundations

We knew our organization had to evolve if we were to continue to achieve our mission, and that meant deciding which of 1,000 possible directions to move in. Friday made that decision making process incredibly clear.

Director of Operations, Coming Clean

Pay what you can.

We believe world-class consulting should be accessible to everyone, especially organizations working to solve some of our most pressing societal challenges. So we’re offering this program on a pay-what-you-can basis, which means your time and energy are the most significant investments you’ll make.

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